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We are a firm of structural engineers who do what we do because we love designing structures and seeing them successfully built. We love using the combination of engineering theory and creative thinking to solve problems, and creating real physical solutions that you can touch and jump on. We also love the feeling of satisfaction gained from seeing a project go well, experiencing real teamwork, and talking to happy and satisfied clients.

We are an ambitious practice that has built an experienced team of people who deliver high quality large and significant projects. We have invested heavily in software, equipment, and training, to help us achieve excellence in design and the delivery of projects. We are very proud of our work, and would like to develop and grow further.

Our belief that engineering should be approached with passion as well as precision has led to award-winning buildings in a wide range of fields. We aim to create ingenious but appropriate designs, in close partnership with client and architect. Creativity is a keyword, tempered with experience and knowledge. We are not afraid of innovation, and have resolved many problematic schemes with forward-thinking, swift solutions. One of our particular strengths is pro-activity and awareness, anticipating situations so that they can be dealt with satisfactorily.

Our experience of construction is wide, with the emphasis on quality as well as scale. We deliver a product that sets a high standard in technique and design, representing best value. The practice is committed to perfection in the field of structural engineering.

We offer a full consulting engineering design and advisory service across the structural and civil engineering spectrum. We have particular expertise in the following areas;

- Structural design in steelwork, concrete, timber, aluminium, and masonry.
- Refurbishment, re-modelling, and conservation of historic and listed structures from all periods, but especially buildings of the 20th Century Modern Movement.
- Lightweight structures, tensioned fabric, cable nets, and other geometrically non-linear structures.
- Structural glass design and detailing.
- Foundation design, including deep basements for urban sites.
- Temporary works design and appraisal.
- Modern methods of construction and off site prefabrication.
- Cladding structural design and appraisal of existing systems.
- Pedestrian and highway bridge design.
- Infrastructure and below ground drainage design, including flood risk and hydraulic flow analysis.
- Earthwork and landscape engineering, including road and pavement design.

The practice is organised into design groups, each run by a Project Director who has been chosen for their proven track record over many years with the practice, combining creativity and attention to detail with delivery and management skills. The design groups are not shaped by specialisation of building type, sector, or geographical location. Each group has a rich cross-section of projects, both large and small, which may range from a university hall of residence to a piece of furniture. This diversity is good for creativity, innovation and motivation. The tight-knit nature of the groups ensures a personal service, continuity, and close contact with the design team and the client.

We are at the forefront of Building Information Management (BIM) technology and innovation; since the beginning of 2007 all of our projects have been drawn using Autodesk’s Revit Structure programme. That means we have a fully functioning Level Two BIM model for each project, no matter what its size. This means that we always work in 3D, using parametric elements, allowing us to produce not only drawings and details in 3D, as well as the usual plans and sections, but also schedules of quantities and structural components. This information can be freely transferred within the design team and to contractors, assisting the full integration of the design and construction process.